Event and Retreat bookings for the whole farm are available at OQ Farm Vermont.
For additional bundling options, please feel free to reach out to us at

All Cancellations will be subject to a 5% booking fee.

Whether hundreds of years old or a contemporary built in 2021, each building conveys a classic Vermont architectural vernacular.

Driving Distance


Boston Logan Airport (BOS): 2.5-hour drive
Manchester Airport, New Hampshire (MHT): 1.5-hour drive
Albany Airport (ALB): 2.5-hour drive
Burlington, VT (BTV): 1.5-hour drive
Lebanon, NH (LEB): 45-min drive
From Boston: 158 mi to the NW via I-93 N and I-89 N
From Montreal: 188 mi to the S via I-89 S
From New York City: 252 mi to the N via Taconic State Parkway
From Hanover: 28 mi to the E via US-4 West

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