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The People


John & Jean Kingston

Fifteen years ago, John and Jean dreamed of carving out a space on the upper east coast to host gatherings, give people rest and refuge, and create space for connections between people. OQ Farm Vermont is that place. Even before John and Jean purchased the farm in 2005, it had been used for decades for small retreats. Since then, they have bolstered, updated and expanded the Vermont property and vision, bringing the same spirit of Vermont all the way to Maui!


Jeff & Alyssa Bethke

Jeff and Alyssa dreamed for years of having a bed and breakfast on their home island of Maui. After visiting OQ Farm Vermont many times, Jeff and Alyssa basically asked, “What if we do this in Maui?” Through some pretty cool circumstances (remind them to tell you about it when you’re staying at OQ Farm Maui!), plus their friendship with John and Jean, OQ Farm Maui was born in 2020. We can’t wait to have you on our beautiful, tropical property!


Marina Pappas

Marina can do anything and everything, and the house would crumble (literally and figuratively!) without her. You know that picture of Atlas holding up the world? That’s Marina, holding up our “OQ World.” She is the “make it happen” person, and we are so thankful for her!

Other Teammates

We are a small team, but we make big things happen thanks to all of the people involved, both near and far! Mike, Mary and Tina are the people that make everything possible for your stay – from getting the buildings ready, making sure the walkways are clear and well-lit, to inviting you to visit the animals – we are grateful for their part in making the farm a special place for guests. Greg Jenne and Jak Moroshan’s superior building can be seen throughout all of the structures on the farm. And Pamela, with Home Space Harmony has added her touches to every space you see, both inside and out! We would also like to acknowledge Rick and Anne, who spent nearly 15 years as caretakers of the property, getting it to where it is today. We look forward to inviting you to stay and become part of the OQ Community.

What Guests Say

The farm is not supposed to be swept over with the broad strokes of an abstract painter or corporate developer. It’s supposed to be lovingly curated to excellence, bit by bit, like a gardener tending his flower beds or an author toiling at her words carefully or a musician tweaking the notes and chords and flow of a song. Bit by bit. Carefully. Not in a hurry. Curated to life.

Joel Searby

The Colonial House absolutely exceeded our expectations. Plenty of space, clear directions, beautiful views, and friendly hosts made this such an amazing weekend in VT. Our two young children enjoyed playing throughout the grounds and house, as well as getting to feed the horses, sheep, and alpacas with the assistance of the properties care takers. Mike and Mary were incredibly friendly and accommodating, while also allowing us our own space. I look forward to bringing friends and family back here to stay!

OQ Farm Manse Guest

What a unique and beautiful place! We loved it and it was perfect for family gathering. The house is fully supplied and thoughtfully outfitted with everything we needed. We especially appreciated the amazing kitchen. But most importantly, OQ Farm is very special place in which we felt at home.

OQ Farm Refectory Guest

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